How to treat and prevent diabetes with Islamic system

Islam has a way of life in maintaining the health and Islam have been thousands of years ago taught by the Prophet Muhammad is the prophet through customs in maintaining regulate healthy living, has Diabetes haunt billions of people since long, they do not know what had diabetes or diabetes. Diabetes much talked through a vigorous mass media, promotion of drugs - drugs for diabetes have been many promises but no real even much disappointed. Diabetes: the lack / absence of insulin production from the body to process glucose / sugar layman's terms for the energy in the body that can support the body's strength. Reduced Insulin and glucose accumulation in the body causing a strong influence on the body because too much sugar builds up in the body and eventually affects the work of the body and often cause injuries under the feet because the blood vessels at the foot of the gravitational force which causes the sugar down to the bottom and eventually causes the blood vessels are stacked by the sugar and eventually become dead and judging by the black and left to rot.

Prophet Muhammad has hinted it will happen because many dietary factors are not known today, they too forget controls in maintaining his diet. The Prophet said the stomach is a nest of disease, where they are too oblivious to keep his belly will give rise to many diseases. A polite way of eating is not greedy been taught by Prophet Muhammad SAW which eat with your right hand and if I can eat it with three fingers. Where possible eat with three fingers they say, must not content in his food, but eating three fingers and chew longer if we scientifically study are as follows: Three fingers to eat the view is very polite, first: do not look greedy, second: eating can be limited due to the three fingers will be long and we automatically will eat enough to save time, all three: eating with three fingers if we look at the medical oral cavity for a perfect salivate for food that goes into the stomach can be processed more easily by acid stomach because the food has been gently by the cud of the old and already covered by saliva or saliva that where food can be a path through the esophagus with a soft and not excessive for the size of three fingers with a hole the size of esophagus if it is seen, then entered the food if stomach will not force and will not cause stomach ulcers due to less force the valve open for food and also food if you go into the stomach will be digested by stomach acid is more perfect. Also we do not eat all the time, but wait if it is hungry and stop before it was satisfied where the center will stimulate hunger and satiety centers for a maximum working time in telling you the time you are hungry and satiated, if we eat casually time, and eat your fill, then the center will fill a mess and we will feel hungry when only eating and satiety will be lost more quickly thus causing impaired body of work where the essence of unprocessed foods that are perfect to wear body colliding with new foods that will accumulate in the form of fat, cholesterol.

So how to treat diabetes;
Keep your diet, eat at a time when very hungry and stopped at a time when before the full.
Eat with three fingers and eating enough
Do not drink after a meal at least 1 hour, if the hiccups quite a bit of water, as though the stomach is not confused process food because the water is coming, so the stomach acid will come out more and will cause ulcer
Walk after meals, which is 10 minutes after the meal by walking 15 minutes or half hour.
Fast train Monday and Thursday for the body and train the insulin to work again
Do not eat too often which is very high in calories
Drink the olive oil to keep blood vessels healthy for
Avoid sugar, too much fruit and vegetables multiply
Avoid food flavorings like Masako, Miwon, Royco, sasa and other other
Drink honey because honey may help insulin out
Expand sunnah prayer worship and prayer night
Take the medication prophet like Nigella Sativa / cumin regularly because the content is very complete to keep the body systems and can help the release of insulin and lowering levels of sugar in the body.
Do bruise for bruise or hijamah or horn every 3 months once the dirty blood out to make the body healthy and away from disease and also suggested by the Messenger. do bruise to the experts and understand the sterility of tools.

by dr.Aldjoefrie

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